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 Our monthly publication of articles, information, and news to keep you posted on the latest. Members receive it in the mail, but non-members may chance upon a complementary copy in any of the local sponsoring pet stores or at the meeting where we make it available as an advertising tool. Features include the Trading post where members advertise for the things they need, the things they want to swap, or items for sale. Perusing the Periodicals is a monthly feature that grants access to the information published in clubs like ours nationwide. The Voice Box provides a forum for members to make comments, suggestions, or ask fishy questions which are answered by the Board of Directors. There is a calender of timely events and club news called Heard in the Fish Room, and reports on all programs listed here. Editor: Marilyn Kurman, (610)-447-0786. Contact Marilyn Kurman to contribute an article, place an ad, or any other matter on the FINFAX.


Article Archives- Last Updated May 5, 2002