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These are our links to other useful aquarium websites.


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These are links to information-only aquarium websites.


Planet Catfish- An informative site on all things catfish with an impressive image library and comprehensive "Catfish of the Month" section.


Freshwater Aquaristik in Focus- A very in-depth site with substantial information on uncommon subjects


The Cichlid Room Companion- One of the most informative and complete cichlid resources on the web, full of very interesting articles on subjects not often easy to research.


Aquaria Central- General aquarium web site with basic information on many varieties of fish


Aqualink- Another general site, good for gaining basic information on a certain fish.


The Age of Aquariums- Another General site with basic info on many fish.


The North American Native Fishes Association- A great site for anyone interested in North American Native fauna.

Z-MAN's Apistogramma and Dwarf Cichlids-A comprehensive site on the keeping, feeding and breeding of many apistogramma and dwarf cichlid species.


Loaches ON-LINE- A very valuable site on over 60 species of loaches.


Aquarium Hobbyist- A broad, in-depth, general aquaria website.


The International Killifish Association- A very valuable site for killifish lovers.


Just Aquaria Website- large database of information and pictures of all things aquaria


The International Betta Congress- large site with loads of betta pictures and a betta web forum.


Kings Of The Aquarium- site dealing primarily with large fishes.


The Master Index of Freshwater Fishes- large site with information on many fish

These are our links to useful commercial aquarium websites.

All commercial links of the DCAS are genuinely considered to be reliable and valuable sources of plants, livestock, supplies, and/or literature, and these links are in no way payed for by the owners of the sites they reccommend. All sites in this section are the sole responsibility of their owners, and the DCAS is in no way accountable for any disappointments as a result of dealings with these websites.

Armke's Rare Aquarium Fish-Reputable dealer specializing in African cichlids, with a large variety of Tanganyikan, Malawian, and Victorian Cichlids, as well as a large selection of African Catfishes.

That Pet Place-That Pet Place's homepage, featuring a large selection of equipment and a new Live Aquaria section.

Pet Wharehouse-A website offering a large amount of dry goods and equipment.

Aquabid-An aquarium auction website, good source of rare and beautiful fish, as well as plants, equipment, and literature.

Fish Book Store-A website that offers posters, books, and other literature on the subject of Aquaria.

Bob's Tropical Fish-An Augusta-based site featuring a Fish Doctor forum and a large selection of tropical fish.

Fish 2 U-A general commercial aquaria website with a large variety of fish and competitive prices.

Angels Plus-An angelfish hatchery specializing in koi angelfish and wild crosses.

Bettas R Us-A betta hatchery with many beautiful specimens, also has detailed information on keeping and breeding bettas.

Angels West-An angelfish hatchery with a large selection of Angelfish.

Angels Northwest-An angelfish and Discus hatchery with a large selection to choose from.

The Cichlid Exchange-A Cichlid stocklist with Malawian, Tanganyikan, Victorian, West African, and Central/South American Cichlids, as well as many other varieties of fish.


These are links to the websites of our fellow aquarium societies.


The Aquarium Club of Lancaster County


The Calgary Aquarium Society


The Minnesota Aquarium Society


The San Fransisco Aquarium Society


The Greater Cincinatti Aquarium Society


The Bucks County Aquarium Society


The Milwaukee Aquarium Society


The Oklahoma City Aquarium Association


The Rocky Mountain Cichlid Association


The Aqualand Aquatic Society