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 The Delaware County Aquarium Society meets on the first Friday of every month from September to June, at the Springfield Township Building at 50 Powell Road. (Look for the "POLICE" sign). Meetings start at 8 pm. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. So please, stop by and meet us when you are in the area.


Speaker Bowl Show Raffle Auction Library Directions

 The main course of the meeting is the slide show and/or lecture on topics of interest to all aquarists. Refresh old subject matter that needs updating, or open up new horizons with facets of this varied hobby that you may never be exposed to elsewhere. Many expert speakers from within our club or who have distinguished themselves in the hobby at large are happy to invite your interest in their specialities. Always a great learning experience, and its FREE!


October 2002 Program will be announced

June 2002's meeting will be announced shortly. We hope to see you there.

September  Pam Schwett  How to Close Your Pond
October to be announced
November Barry Pennell Sex on the High Seas
December F.A.A.S Cats Without Claws
January Joe Seimeister Fish Parasites
February Peter Thode 2002 Germany Discus Trip
March to be announced
April to be announced
May to be announced
June Home Tank Show Tentative

Bowl Show
 Members compete with each other as judges determine who has the best fish in the given categories. Points are accumulated towards annual awards. Over the year, a variety of fish are on display in the many categories. A lot of fun, talk, and recognition can be had as you contribute to the decor of the meeting room with your living aquatic jewels. Rules for participants are printed at the beginning of each season (September), and can be requested during the year from the Chairman.


Bowl Show Calendar


1. Ugly Fish Contest




1. Angels/ Discus

2. Goldfish/ Koi

3. US Natives

4. Tetra Characin


1. Rainbow fish

2. Guppies

3. Suckermouth Catfish


1. Bettas

2. Mollies

3. Gouramis/ Anabantoids


1. Aquatic Animals excluding fish

2. Cory Catfish

3. Old World Cichlids


1. Danios/ Whiteclouds

2. Barbs Rasboras

3. Killies

4. Swordtails/ Platies


1. Dwarf Cichlids

2. Catfish excluding Cory and Suckermouth

3. Classes not coverred Oct.- April


1. Saltwater Fish

2. New World Cichlids

3. Loaches/ Labeos/ Sharks/ Flying Foxes


1. OPEN: Livebearering Fish

2. OPEN: Egglaying Fish


1. Bowl Beautiful

Miniature Tank Competition


RULES: 1999/2000

 1. All fish are the sole responsibility of their owner, and must be in the possession of the owner for at least one month.

2. A charge of 25 cents for each entry shall be collected for the purpose of helping pay for the awards.

3. Only members in good standing are eligible to enter the competition. All entries must be in the room by 8:00 PM. Any member who will be absent or late for the meeting may enter their fish through another member.

4. All entries must be a single fish of either sex per container. No fish may be entered in more than one group on one night.

5. All fish must be entered in a clear container of not less than one quart capacity and having at least two flat sides. tanks with dividers may be used and each section shall count as an individual container.

6. No medication, added coloration, decoration, plants, or anything other than clear water and one fish is to be in the container. There should be nothing on the container that would identify the owner.

7. Judges for the competition shall be appointed by the competition chairman or the president. All competition records shall be kept by the competition chairman and a duplicate set by the president.

8. At no time shall a person act as a judge for any group when he has a fish entered in that group "cept for the Ugly Fish Contest.

9. Any question shall be decided by the judges. The Show Chairman has the absolute authority on all matters of interpretation.

10. All entries must be labeled with the common name of the fish or the scientific name where there is no common name. The common or scientific name of the fish and the group to which it belongs must be written on a slip of paper and given to the person registering the entries.

11. There will be a junior competition for those members under sixteen years of age as of the competition is separate September meeting. With the exception of the Ugly Fish Contest, the junior from the senior competition but is subject to the same rules.

12. To be eligible for any of the annual awards the person must be a member in good standing and have entered in at least five categories in the senior division or three categories in the junior division.

13. The annual award will be given to the member having attained the most total points. In the case of a tie the member with the most Best of Show points will be the winner. If a tie still exists then the first lace awards win decide, etc..

14. Fish shall be shown in compliance with the group schedule published in the FIN FAX. Monthly Bowl Show awards will be given bases on the number of entries per group as follows:

1 entry per group: Automatically receives an Honorable Mention award, and remains eligible for the Best of Show.
2 or 3 entries: One award (for First Place).
4 to 6 entries: Two awards (First and Second Place).
7 to 10 entries: Three awards (First, Second, and Third Place awards).
Over 10 entries: Honorable Mention awards, not to exceed one award for each additional four entries, may be issued at the judges discretion.
The Best of Show will be chosen from among the First Place winners and any automatic Honorable Mentions in the featured groups. The Best of Show will be chosen from among the First Place winners in the featured groups and any automatic Honorable Mentions. the Best of Show automatically carries the first place points, but not the automatic Honorable Mention points should that be the case.
15. Points will be awarded as follows:
Best of Show -10 points (plus 20 pts. for First)
First Place -20 points
Second Place -15 points
Third Place-10 points
Honorable Mention -5 points
1 point for each entry, not to exceed 3 entry points per group




Open Raffle

Every month valuable aquarium products are raffled off to benefit the club. Tickets are 5 for $1.00, and can be purchased at the Sales Table. Prizes range from aquariums, power filters, fish food, heaters, to gift certificates, decorations, and medications. Our generous and loyal sponsors donate the products whose proceeds benefit the club. Support your society by buying the tickets that have put a lot of great stuff in the fish rooms of your friends! Special raffles often pop up, sometimes for a holiday, or to celebrate at year's end. For these the club makes the purchase and the raffle is a vehicle to return something to the membership. Chinese style raffles involve some unusual or top quality fishes either donated or purchased by the club. Tickets are usually $1 each or 6 for $5, and you may distribute your tickets as you desire; increasing the odds of getting the fish you covet most. This is a fun way of scoring fish for cheap.



Members in attendance are eligible to win valuable prizes of aquarium merchandise just for showing up! A single "hit" in this members' only raffle can make back the dues you paid. Find your name in the cards laid out on the membership table and put it in the barrel at the beginning of the meeting. A great way of getting to try new aquarium products without the expense: An exclusive free raffle: our way of saying "thanks" for being a supporting member of the club.


 At the close of every meeting, the club auctions donations of fish and equipment the proceeds of which benefit the club. Many of the donations are fish from members who want to free up space in their tanks or have surplus fry from successful spawns. These fish are healthy, often unusual, and often available very cheap. Stick around to the end of the meeting and see how much your low bid can buy!

Donations to the club to be sold at auction are always welcome as they assist in helping us make ends meet. If you have nice quality fish that you'd like to let go, but not for free, then register them in the front of the room before the meeting in the members' percentage auction. Your fish are sold to the highest bidder with the club taking $0.50 or 20%, which ever is greater, and you keep the rest! This is a great way to turn over "tired" fish and open up space for something exciting, or sell some of your surplus spawns to recoup some hobbyist costs. Your excess fish are somebody else's happiness. There is a 14 bag limit per membership per night.

The Auction begins each time with safe community fishes donated by members for kids only. This allows the wee ones an opportunity to bid without competing with the deep pockets of older members, and gives the youngsters a chance to get home earlier before they fall asleep.


The DCAS library is on display at every meeting. Members are free to browse through the collection of over 30 books ranging from Tropical Freshwater Fish, Killies, Discus, to plants and Marine aquariums.
Aquarium Plants, Horeman and Rataj
Nature Aquarium, Takashi Amano
Nature Aquarium II, Takashi Amano
Nature Aquarium III, Takashi Amano
Aquarium Plants, James Barry
And many more




(For Maps, see below)



- Take I-95 to Exit #9 - the Prospect Park/Essington Exit ( Route 420 North )
- Take Route 420 North until you get to the intersection of Route 420 North and Baltimore
Pike ( 3.7 miles ). This intersection will be the 3rd 4-lane intersection you come to after getting off of I-95 ( SEE Landmarks below )
- Cross over Baltimore Pike and continue on Route 420 North until you get to the very next
traffic light ( Powell Road - .5 miles )
- Turn right onto Powel Road
- Continue on Powell Road through 2 traffic lights until you see the Police Sign on your left
( .7 miles )
- Turn into Police Station.
-The Delaware County Aquarium Society meets in the first building you come to on your
right hand side.


FROM I-476 (the Blue Route)
- Take I-476 to exit #3 (Swarthmore / Springfield)
- If you were heading South on I-476, you will turn left at the end of the exit ramp
- If you were heading North on I-476, you will turn right at the end of the exit ramp
- In either case, you will be on Baltimore Pike and heading into Springfield
- Stay on Baltimore Pike until you reach the intersection of Baltimore Pike and Route 420
(1.5 miles ) ( SEE Landmarks below )
- Turn left onto Route 420 - you will be heading North
- Continue on Route 420 North until you get to the very next traffic light
( Powell Road - .5 miles )
- Turn right onto Powel Road
- Continue on Powell Road through 2 traffic lights until you see the Police Sign on your left
( .7 miles )
- Turn into Police Station.
- The Delaware County Aquarium Society meets in the first building you come to on your
right hand side.


LANDAMRKS for Route 420 and Baltimore Pike
- On one corner you will see an Exxon gas station with the Target Shopping center behind it
- On the second corner you will see CVS Drug store
- On the other two corners you will see two automobile dealerships situated behind two
smaller businesses which are actually located on the corners - Monroe Muffler and House of Carpets


From I-476, I-95

From I-476

From 420, and Springfield Road

Roads in immediate vicinity of meeting